Brand Name

Here is your next step in life. Hard, yet so sweet.

Hello Baby.

Nursing assistant for your newborn child. Handcrafted wooden crib with useful features. A great support in your childcare routine.

Caring is knowing the needs

Cribby understands and transfers the needs of baby on distance. Built-in camera, speakers, ambient lighting and lullabies are made to keep you stay in touch with your baby. Play, take super photos and videos, have fun together, even if you are not around.

You will stay updated on all important events that are happening in your child’s life! And to bring more fun to Cribby we include different world lullaby pieces into music library.

  • Audio Video Stream

  • Lullabies and Audiobooks

  • Ambient lighting

  • Motion and sound detectors

  • Build-In scale

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